Thursday, December 7, 2006

First Post

Well, I have taken what feels like my first real step for my new painting a day project: yesterday I bought masonite: three sheets, cut into four 20" pieces, four 2' pieces, and four 28" pieces; and brought it home. Once we have the studio/workshop done and set up, we can bring the sheets home uncut, and do all the cutting ourselves. Right now our workshop is crammed onto our screen porch in the back.

These three sheets' worth amount to about 3/4 of a year's supply, assuming I really paint EVERY day, but Paul also wants to use some. I'll need to get more anyway. But I do feel excited about having my materials set for plenty of work. That phrase, "You've got your work cut out for you," has always seemed to have a kind of threatening, or challenging, connotation attached to it, the way most people say it, but as a quilter who doesn't much enjoy cutting out the pieces but loves the sewing (by hand), I've long seen "having your work cut out for you" as an enjoyable and exciting place to be. Finished with the drudgery of cutting out a lot of pieces, and just needing to pick up some pieces and a needle and thread, and start sewing them together. Ready to go, with no more preparation.

I got 1/4" masonite, and though it's tempered it's only smooth on one side; 1/8" would actually be better, and I think I'd prefer it smooth on two sides. I think. So that's another reason to want to get more masonite...

Work's proceeding on the studio/shop: yesterday the slab was poured, and today they're starting the framing. Heyhey!

Next I need to order more gesso, and start cutting the masonite to final sizes.

My aim is to start painting one a day at New Year's. I don't know what will happen on trips, but there's my starting direction... And yet to be sorted out is the question of whether "every day" means seven days a week, five days a week, or three to five days a week. I'm aiming and hoping for seven.

More will be revealed.

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