Sunday, November 21, 2010

Lukie - in progress

This is Lukie, another Belgian shepherd. This, like Shilo's portrait, is 8" x 10", oil on masonite. The photo of the painting is rather Q&D (quick & dirty), so the yellowed newsprint the painting is sitting on shows around the edges, and you can see that the painting isn't properly squared in the photo. I didn't want to crop it, as I want the full painting showing.

This started out with a wild and fun underpainting in vivid blue and orange, lavender for the couch and green for the rug, cushion and wall. Lukie's bandana, which in reality is blue - and which will be blue when the painting is finished - has been underpainted in lavender as well. I enjoyed alluding to the floral print on the couch, in a vague and juicy impressionistic way.

Shilo's Portrait: Improved & Finished

I did some more work on Shilo's eyes, and on his right ear (left side, in the painting). This necessitated working the rock and the tree trunk in the background, a bit. I also darkened Shilo's back end; in the photo it was gleaming in the sun, but in the painting it needed to be darker in order for his coat to look black.

I think that'll do it.


Thursday, October 28, 2010

Portrait of Shilo

A new portrait - this is Shilo, a Belgian shepherd. This is 8" x 10", oil on masonite.