Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Finally, a new one: First Young Buck

Oil on masonite, 8" x 6"

Well. I think I'll just blurt and ramble till I start to feel happy with what I'm writing. I started out censoring.

So this is my second "daily" painting, and at this rate it comes out to "Painting a Twice a Year." Or I could just say I'm starting over. Or I could just say I'm back, though I don't know if that means I'll do my third, fourth, fifth "daily" paintings soon, or after a long while. I am trying just walking forward with my eyes closed, not looking forward and speculating, not looking back and judging. I hope I'm ready to make this a habit. I want to be ready.

I did this painting yesterday in what felt like a very neutral state - not excited or pleased, not disappointed, frustrated or unhappy. I'm kind of pleased with the painting, and kind of mystified - I don't know where it came from, in a way. I mean that although, literally, it came from a photo I took of a buck deer on our driveway, standing less than six feet away from the little balcony I came out on to take pictures of him, it looks way more mysterious and moody and evocative, and kind of dramatic, than I expected, and a sort of classical lighting developed that is a surprise to me. From the mood, I almost think it could be deep in the forest.

I like the light, and I really like this buck's cocked-back ear. I think his eye could be larger and more liquid, but I think it works. I really like the angles and direction of the composition. It seems like I've made him look like a youngster, a fawn, but though his sprouting antlers are hard to see, they're there. He stayed for me for a long minute or so, before slowly moving on down the hill.

The official size of this is 8"x6"; exact size 7 15/16" x 5 5/16". It's $115 plus shipping - still haven't checked that out, but I think it will probably be between $5 and 10, including insurance. This will need about one month's drying time.

I might write more about the buck or the painting later, but I think I'll leave it at that for now.


Email me if you'd like to buy this painting.

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